About Me

       Few stand on the same plain of commitment and dedication towards forwarding the importance of art in our society to the younger generation. As senior artist, Akhtar Hilal Zuberi. After graduating from NCA in 1962 attaining his degree in Design, he soon knew his calling lay in academia. While teaching art at Public School Hyderabad for ten years and achieving his masters in Urdu Literature from Karachi University during this time, he moved to Libya to teach at the newly founded Benghazi University (1975-85).          
        Akhtar Hilal Zuberi came back to Pakistan in 1985, he realized the lack of exposure the prospective student had to the art world. It is around this time he decided to take up the responsibility of enlightening students wishing to pursue their creative dreams and guide them towards their career paths. 25 years later, FACTS still remain true to this cause. Under Akhtar Zuberi's nurturing hands, hundreds of students have been inspired to take up the creative discipline of art and he enjoys the unique privilege of being one of the pioneers of founding an institution like FACTS in Karachi
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